Seen & Scenes At GA 2016

Seeing and speaking with so many new and familiar Y acquaintances in Kansas City at GS 2016 was a blessing and a blast!  The 4-day action packed event excelled in delivering on its promise of “Uniting & Inspiring.”  Of unique attention for our visitors at Booth 408 were the Performer Jacket, Perfect 5 Essentials Y Tote, and the 10×10 Custom Tent display we introduced And of special attraction were the awesome Y-Looks we sponsored for five models to strut on the runway for three crowd-pleasing Preferred Vendor Fashion Shows.
Our show theme:  BULL SHIRTS—FOR ALL REASONS, FOR ALL SEASONS, FOR ALL SIZES.  Click here for a quick look at show photos and let us know if you might recognize anyone you know, or would like to inquire about anything you may be interested in, or even to simply send us a friendly “Howdy” with your contact info for future updates!

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